Founded in 2015 Jude Hansen International “JHI” (formerly Plot Point World Management Inc.) is a corporate entity with qualif­ied committed individuals with years of experience ­in the entertainment, management, busine­ss and marketing fields.

JHI is quickly making a name for itself both in the Canadian market and soon to be abroad. Recently the agency has been acquiring fresh qualified talent in the film, music and modeling industry and prides itself in providing and developing a personalized comprehensive service focused on long-term collaboration: excellent business brand partnership/contacts, efficiency in supporting clients and their inquiries.

Some negative practices in this industry has only fuelled our desire to prove w­e can set ourselves apart and continue to this by providing tangible prove­n results to all our clients and will wo­rk hard to make their vision a success..­. no smoke show. Although we charge a subscription fee on our website, we provide a service that is tangible with interactive results and management whether its local or across the globe.

We feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to serve our clients, therefore have chosen to donate ten percent of our net profits to a worth while cause to help the less fortunate; Infinite Embrace, a Healing Retreat and orphanage in Belize. We participate in local fundraisers and also encourage all our clients to as well.